How to get to Sun Beach Resort

From Mersing to Tioman you can go by speed ferry (max passenger 150). The speed ferry seat more people and take only marginally longer - perhaps taking 1.5 to 2 hours to the island. These cost RM35/way. When you take either kind of boat, you can ask them to drop you wherever you want on Tioman. The ferry port is just outside the center of Mersing town.

From the JB-Rompin road, take Jalan Abu Bakar straight past the town for about 200 metres and the port will be to your left right after the Mersing Tourist Information Center. It is right next to the R&R Plaza which is the express bus station

From Tanjung Gemuk to Tioman
Tanjung Gemok is another jumping board from where you can get on a ferry to Tioman. Tanjung Gemok is located between Endau and Rompin, about 30 minutes north of Mersing. 

Some travelers prefer departing to Tioman from this location, because there's none of the tide issues that plague Mersing. The downside of Tanjung Gemok, however, is that it's not as well-known as Mersing and perhaps not as accessible by taxis, nor as easy to find as Mersing. And nor as bustling, in fact.

To Tanjung Gemok
From Kuala Lumpur to Tanjung Gemok

Take North-South Highway, head south towards Johor (from KL or North) . Exit at Ayer Hitam (exit 244) After toll gate (see for road map), take a right turn at the traffic junction and head towards Kluang. Before entering Kluang town, there’s a roundabout, take 3 O’clock. Follow signs to Mersing or Route 3. From here, head towards Endau. Tanjung Gemuk is about 30mins drive away from Mersing town.

Approximate travelling time : 5 1/2hrs from KL


From KL, travel southwards and turn off the North-South Highway at the Senawang toll in Negri Sembilan. From here, follow the road towards Kuala Pilah then to Bahau (Have a look at for some visual aid). And from Bahau down to Muadzam Shah. (Have a look at for some help to get to Muadzam Shah). After passing through Mudzham Shah, many Tanjung Gemuk Jeti sign boards will show the way along.

Approximate travelling time : 4hrs from KL

The route from senawang to Kuala Pilah is quite winding and may slow you down as this is a trunk road quite often used by heavily laden trucks.

From JB and Singapore to Tanjung Gemok

Take Jalan Wong Ah Fook and this will lead you through Johor Bahru City passing City Square shopping mall on your right. Look out for the overhead Bridge with the sign 'Kota Tinggi - Desaru'. Follow this sign leading you to route 3 . Route 3 will take you towards Kota Tinggi and Mersing. Just follow the signs. From here, head towards Endau. Tanjung Gemuk is about 30mins drive away from Mersing town. (see - for road map)

Approximate travelling time : 3 hrs from JB

From Terengganu/Kuantan to Tanjung Gemok

Take Route 3(coastal road), heading south towards JB. Tanjung Gemuk is within the Pahang state border and is just 30mins away from Mersing. Nearest town is Endau. Tanjung Gemuk is at the mouth of the Sungai Endau (Endau River). (see - for road map)

Approximate travelling time from Kuantan, 3+hour

Tanjung Gemuk to Tioman
Ferry capacity : 116/122 passengers

Terminal facilities :

  • Comfortable jetty passengers waiting list
  • Tourist Information Counter
  • Cars and bus parking area enclosure (96 vehicles)
  • 300 passengers waiting area
  • Additional trips for public holiday
  • Special group booking available




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